Mercari 101: Getting Started

I truly believe the best way to sell more items is to diversify into different selling platforms. I know it is more work to list them multiple places,┬átrack the sales and make sure you aren’t selling the same item twice – but it does help your bottom line. Recently I started branching out into Mercari, which is another popular selling platform site like Poshmark and eBay. Just like the other selling sites, there are pros and cons to Mercari as well. The biggest perk is the 10% commission they take but with lag times in getting your money and...

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About Rebecca

About Rebecca

I'm a self-proclaimed Queen of Side-Hustles and living life on my own terms. After 7 years of struggling with my chronic illnesses, I realized working for myself was the only way to be successful. My blog is about my journey on this road to recovery and fulfillment.

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