*This post contains affiliate links however the review is my personal opinion of the site.*

Recently I’ve seen some resellers post about Swap.com and how they are using it to make some extra money on inventory or personal used clothing through online consignment. Naturally, I was intrigued as I am always interested in the latest and greatest options in my business. One of the best features of platforms like Swap.com is the ability to send them your gently used clothing on consignment and get paid for them twice a month. Online consignment programs are great because they offer you an opportunity to sell your stuff without all the stress and work related to listing them yourself online. 

Swap.com also popped up in my social media feeds with friends who are cleaning out their house and aren’t interested in having a garage sale. So, they pack up their kids clothing and ship it off to Swap.com hoping to make some side hustle money! 

After doing my research and check out out Swap.com online – I thought it might help if I gave my expert reselling advice on the pros and cons of selling used clothing on Swap.com


  • Swap.com does the work for you-you just have to put it in a box and send it to Swap.com with using their label system and follow guidelines for shipping in the boxes.
  • Swap.com does the work for you – I’m saying this twice because the most challenging parts of reselling is creating the listing, writing the descriptions, taking the photos, answering questions and shipping out the items. To have someone else do that for you is a remarkable time & effort saver.
  • Swap.com commission rates are pretty good for higher priced items. One of the reasons sites are able to keep commissions high is because the sellers are often doing everything to get the item ready to sell. So, to have a 70% site credit or 60% cash commission for items over $20 is pretty good since Swap.com is handling the majority of the process. The commission is less for lower priced items and you can find the latest commission model on the Swap.com website. (this is effective 10/7/17)
  • Swap.com sells a lot of children and baby clothes. Used kids clothes and kids consignment are not my areas of expertise but I’m finding myself interested in it for personal reasons to purchase for my nephew. Kids clothes are something I have a hard time selling on eBay and Poshmark because my buyers aren’t looking for those items. But, if you have a ton of kids stuff you want to remove from your house and make some extra cash, Swap.com seems like a great option for you!
  • You are not responsible for returns. Swap.com handles the customer service process and manages any returns on your items.
  • Swap.com does not charge for storage fees to hold on to your items while they wait for their new forever home. One of the worst parts of reselling is trying to store all your inventory without living in a cluttered mess of an environment. 
  • Unsold items can be shipped back to you for a charge.
  • Swap.com prices are reasonable and they offer sales frequently so it seems that the items shouldn’t sit there for very long before you start making money.
  • Each consignment clothing listing has clear photos and the used clothing condition is included in the item.
  • Swap.com is easy to use from a desktop and extremely simple search features allow you to find your new items in a snap!
  • You can send in 3 boxes per month to Swap.com!
  • SureSell is a feature Swap.com offers that if your item hasn’t sold, they will buy it. There is a SureSell & Donate page on your Swap.com account and you can see what they will pay out for the item right there on your page.
  • Swap.com has an algorithm to price your items to fast sales to prevent items from sitting on the site for too long. 


  • Swap.com has a backlog of boxes to be processed so they might not get to yours for several weeks. But, on the flip side, your used clothes will be out of your house and out of mind!
  • Swap.com only pays out 2 times a month and it goes directly into your PayPal account – at least you don’t have to wait for a paper check like some other similar sites.
  • Swap.com charges a fee if more than 40% of the box you send is rejected. So, to prevent this it is important to review the Swap.com Condition Ratings & Acceptance criteria before sending in a bunch of stuff hoping to make a profit on it.
  • Currently, the only brands I found they are selling are basic mall brands – J. Crew, Banana Republic, Express, Nike, Under Armour etc. It will be exciting to see how Swap.com adds in new brands to the mix as they grow.
  • Swap.com runs many sales which is a great thing for you as a buyer but as a seller, it’s tough because your commission rate is based on the sale price and not the listing price.

I’m not sure right now I have enough inventory that I can spare to send to Swap.com – HOWEVER – I am definitely going to keep a close eye on this site for possible sourcing options in the near future, especially as they add new brands to the mix. I also am going to watch for  my own personal collection because I’m a big fan of several brands on Swap.com.

Hopefully, this post will give you a quick and dirty synopsis of the consignment program with Swap.com and if you are looking to clean out your house and make some extra money without hosting a garage sale or dealing with craigslist, this is the perfect option for you!

Until next time,