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June 2017 Income Report

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Hey, Friends! Welcome back to my income reports. I missed a few months because of my Hysterectomy surgery recovery and some travel we were doing but I’m back and slowly getting into the swing of things again. My reports for a while will just consist of my reselling income because that’s pretty much all there is right now as I get up to speed with my projects now that my recovery is going well. I’ve hit a few setbacks with my health again but I’ll talk about those another time.

I see too many embellished numbers thrown around in reference to how much people are making as resellers. I give you an honest snapshot of how much my profit was in June 2017 working about 20 hours average per week on my business. My stores average around 275 active listings throughout the month so as I list, some sell and I keep going. I don’t care how many listings someone has. I don’t care how many things people buy at the Bins (aka Goodwill Outlet). All I want are the cold hard cash numbers. You might show $8,000 on your eBay screen but how much is the actual profit?

I’ll break mine down for you in this video!

Some things to remember – 1. This is a part time side business for me to help supplement my income for not being able to work full time because of my health.

2. There are several days at a time where I am out of commission and can’t source or list stuff so my energy and time for reselling is segmented throughout the month based on when I feel good enough to work on it.

3. It’s not a ton of money but what could you do with an extra few thousand a month?

Leave me a comment on this post or on the video! I love hearing from all of you πŸ™‚


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