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Purchase 1 hour of Rebecca’s unlimited attention to help you with your business. Do you want a way to earn income that’s fun, rewarding, and allows you to work from home- on your own schedule? With Rebecca Black’s empowering, fully-personalized training, you get proven techniques that put you at the helm of your own business…and your own life.

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Let’s Start Your Journey to Success

Each 1-hour session is shaped to your specific vision, needs, and goals for the future. After all, your business and ideas are truly unique. That’s why – when you sign up for Rebecca Black’s coaching, you never get a cookie-cutter method or strategies. You get a fully-customized experienced that gets you specifically where you want to go.
When you sign up to work with Rebecca Black, you get to:

Define Your Vision
Identify your “why”, and create an action plan for success

Unlock the Possibilities
Get friendly help standing up to your challenges, and recognize your potential for success

Work Smart
Create weekly goals and long-term milestones that get you where you want to be

Make Every Day a Winner
Discover handy time management tricks for everyday accomplishments

Stand Out from the Crowd
Take your reselling brand to the next level, and make your store stand out online.

Have a Friendly Expert on Your Side
Get a friendly expert on your side, helping you recognize and maximize your hidden potential

Access the Best Resources
Discover the best sources for your goods; whether you’re selling clothing, antiques, or something totally unique.

Take it to the Next Level
Develop a plan to transition from side hustle to full self-employment

Live Your Dreams
Gain confidence, empowerment, and a deep sense of happiness and well being

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