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Poshmark Closet Review


PDF of your Poshmark Closet and how to make improvements to sell more and create your Poshmark mark through branding and photography. After a thorough Poshmark closet review, you will receive a 1-2 page PDF document via email that will provide you with actionable steps to improve your closet and make more sales. Turnaround time is currently 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday).


Are you wondering what you could do better in your Poshmark Closet to make more sales?

Maybe you want an assessment of your items, pricing, and photographs?

Are you worried your descriptions are causing an abnormal amount of returns?

I can help!

This closet review will provide a thorough 3-5 page PDF document with all the tips and suggestions I can find in your Poshmark closet to make it busier than ever. There will be actionable steps to increase your closet presence, improve your photos and/or listings and give tips on how to increase your branding for your Posh Closet.

PDF’s are nonrefundable.

Turnaround time for the Poshmark Closet Review right now is 2-3 business days.

An email confirmation will be provided. Please reply with your Poshmark closet and any questions you have about your closet that I can try to answer on the assessment.

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