Launch Your Own Reselling Business And Live Life on Your Own Terms  

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Do you want a way to earn income that’s fun, rewarding, and allows you to work from home- on your own schedule? With Rebecca Black’s empowering, fully-personalized training, you get proven techniques that put you at the helm of your own business...and your own life.

Ready to Take Control of Your Career & Life?

In today’s quickly evolving online marketplace, there are more opportunities than ever to start your own reselling business , reach worldwide buyers in your target audience, and make money on your own terms. 

But, just how do you get started? It can be overwhelming to manage inventory, create a bullet-proof business structure, calculate profit and loss, and facilitate all the tiny details that go into running an effective operation. 

That’s where Rebecca Black comes in.  


Do you have a vision for your very own reselling brand, but running into roadblocks, or simply not quite sure where to start?


Are you searching for a great way to earn income, pay the bills, and stay ahead financially?


Do you want or need to work from home either because of family commitments, medical conditions, or other requirements?

Have you been longing for a job where YOU are in charge, in control, and hold the power?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - then your search ends here. 

Finally, you’ll find out real, actionable ways to resell goods online.

With Rebecca Black’s fun, fast-paced coaching, you’ll gain the skills you need to live your dreams, and unlock your own personal potential.

Let’s Start Your Journey to Success

Each 1-hour session is shaped to your specific vision, needs, and goals for the future. After all, your business and ideas are truly unique. That’s why - when you sign up for Rebecca Black’s coaching, you never get a cookie-cutter method or strategies. You get a fully-customized experienced that gets you specifically where you want to go. When you sign up to work with Rebecca Black, you get to:

Define Your Vision Identify your “why”, and create an action plan for success

Unlock the Possibilities Get friendly help standing up to your challenges, and recognize your potential for success

Work Smart Create weekly goals, and long-term milestones that get you where you want to be

Make Every Day a Winner Discover handy time management tricks for everyday accomplishments

Stand Out from the Crowd Take your reselling brand to the next level, and make your store stand out online. 

Have a Friendly Expert at Your Side Get a friendly expert at your side, helping you recognize and maximize your hidden potential

Access the Best Resources Discover the best sources for your goods; whether you’re selling clothing, antiques, or something totally unique. 

Take it to the Next Level Develop a plan to transition from side hustle to full self employment

Live Your Dreams Gain confidence, empowerment, and a deep sense of happiness and well being  



Why Start Your Own Side Hustle? 

Women just like you all around the world are starting their own brands and businesses as a way to quickly transform their lives. When you work for yourself, you get to:

  •  Work From Anywhere Even in your PJ’s! Running your own side business is perfect if you want a flexible job that lets you stay home or even travel while you work.
  • Unlock Your Personal Potential Stop feeling like you’re wasting your time or energy, and start feeling engaged, challenged, rewarded, and inspired by your job.
  • Spend More Time at Home Earn money from the comfort of your own home. Spend more time with your family or kids, and give yourself time for self-care.
  • Live Life On Your Own Terms Answer only to yourself, and choose your own path moving forward. You call the shots, make the decisions, and live the rewarding and inspiring lifestyle you love.

Now, you’re in charge of your own business, and your own life.  

Build Confidence

Be your own boss, and build confidence knowing you have the power to guide your own life, make smart decisions, and live your dreams.

Schedule Your Own Hours

No more miserable mornings dragging yourself to the office, no more constricting schedule that keeps you away from what matters. When you run your own business, you only work when you want to. 

Social Media Development

Learn how to utilize social media to build your online presence and develop your brand. 

Time Management

Discover how to effectively manage your time for maximum results regardless of what is going on in your life. Balance your everday life with your side hustle in no time!


About the Rebecca

Game-changing leadership professional, unforgettable public speaker, and world-class entrepreneur Rebecca Black has spent a rewarding career founding and running her own, successful businesses. After overcoming seemingly endless hurdles due to a chronic illness; Rebecca seized the reigns of her situation, carving out a lifestyle and business model that allowed her to work and live a life shaped to her specific needs, passion, and vision.

Down-to-earth, friendly, and truly inspiring, Rebecca Black is eager to share her deep-held knowledge of and passion for creating your own business, career, and life experience.  

But, Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. 

Find Out What Real Women Like You are Saying...  


One of the most genuine people I know!

"The thing that inspires me most about Rebecca is that she is an honest person who understands that we are all human beings and while we make positive changes to better our lives, we are still going to have hard days and we are still going to get off track from time to time."

Sara W.


Amazing advice.

"What I've learned from Rebecca is how to set goals, plan and execute strategically. I learned to use social media and blogging if I wanted people to take my work seriously. I also learned to focus on what sets me apart from others in the same industry and to promote it. Something else I learned from Rebecca is her generosity. She's generous with quality information and she's willing to share them. Most importantly, I learned that disappointments doesn't have to crush us or have the last word. Rebecca is one of the most tenacious, hard working, focused and driven person I know. And as a woman, it's even more gratifying to have another woman entrepreneur with grit work hard and own her success. I'm following suit and I'm glad that I don't have to reinvent the wheel or doubt my ability to succeed, because I've seen it done in the person of Rebecca Black!"  

Jummy O.


Transformative Empowerment

"Rebecca has a gift for matching individuals strengths to meaningful careers/life choices. I credit Rebecca personally for giving me the confidence to change careers. She works tirelessly to connect those around her with their passions. I don't think she even knows how to turn it off :). I have witnessed her transformative empowerment with everyone she interacts with. Rebecca remembers your skills and abilities and is always willing to plug you when she finds the opportunity as well as connect you to professional allies. She is a talented connector that elevates the community around her. If there is anything inside of you curious for change, gaining Rebecca as a mentor/ally is one of the best choices you can make. I will keep Rebecca on my "Board of Advisors" in perpetuity." 


Hilary B.


Never Stop Dreaming

"She is the epitome of hard work and determination. She had a dream to create a health and lifestyle brand and she did it. She constantly pushed herself to network and build her business…..a business that was completely focused on helping others. That’s the thing about Rebecca, she is always looking to use her own life experience to educate and encourage others. This selflessness is so apparent in her passion for her work. Rebecca has taught me that “if you dream it, you can achieve it” and I apply that to every goal I set my mind to. She has also taught me that inevitably, there will be bumps in the road as you work to achieve your dream but those are meant to teach you and shape you, not stop you. As I continue to work towards many of my personal goals, I am reminded to never stop dreaming, never stop learning, and never stop growing personally, professionally, and physically. Rebecca has showed me time and time again that when it all works together, man it feels good!"  


Monica D.

It’s Time for You to Thrive! When you sign up for coaching with Rebecca, you get an inspiring experience that transforms your entire life, both personally and professionally. Let’s get you on the road to success.