Who is the Bexa Boss Lady?

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Hey there! Ha… I love this picture because I hope you really do care and that’s why you stopped by! I filmed my first Video Blog or Vlog and posted it to YouTube so you can get to know a little more about me. I’m learning more and more about making videos so bear with me 🙂  Thanks for stopping by – XOXO, Rebecca

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  1. Rebecca I cannot put into words how awesome you are. I absolutely love watching your videos. I am 65 and like you don’t really feel that great most of the time. I have diabetes with neuropathy. I have heart problems that I have to have surgery for soon. I also am a survivor of cancer. But my husband and I can’t make it on SS. We are struggling to buy groceries. I have been collecting clothes for 1 year. It took me that long to buy everything I needed to start selling. Now when I see your videos I feel like I don’t really have a lot of name brand items. I have some but I have 5 racks packed with clothes and probably 20 totes full. I wish I could get help from you. Sometimes I think I should sell on eBay and sometimes Poshmark. Can you give me any advice. Most of my things have been given to me. Thank you Rebecca so much. I hope your surgery gos well. I’m in Dallas. I wish you had come to meet me when you were in Dallas. I don’t know anything about setting anything up to even start.

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