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Boss Lady Income Report – January 2017

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I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers who teach others how to be successful online post their monthly income reports and I always loved it! It brought great insight into what worked, what didn’t work and how I could do the same. It made it attainable to make money online. So, in honor of this tradition, I too will be posting my monthly income reports with what I made and lessons I learned along the way. To hold myself accountable for the next month, I’ll also add my goals for the following month.

Some things to consider for January. This is my first-month full-time side-hustling. Right now I have 6 sources of income and I would like to grow most of them (some more than others, which I will explain below) before I add any more.

Additonally, I spent 3.5 days in New York City meeting with surgeons, 5 days in Cancun Mexico with one of my girlfriends and I was bedridden with the flu for 5 days. There are 13.5 days that I spent not working on my business and I earned as much money as I did working full time at some of my previous jobs.

My 6 sources of income are: 1. Poshmark 2. Ebay 3. Amazon 4. Online Affiliates 5. Consulting 6. Personal Training (And just within the last 2 days Instagram could be a 7th)

  • Ebay: This is my first month full time listing items on eBay. I am listing items about 3 times a week and mostly on Sundays. I know I could sell more if I listed every day but I just don’t have the time or resources to do everything right now. I am hoping that by the time I have my surgery on March 31, I can make enough to pay someone part time to help me out. eBay has been a slower start than I thought but I’m thinking I am listing the items a little too high at first. It has been great for cleaning out old inventory for cheap prices. That’s also helping me get more ratings and improving my listings.
    • Results:
      • 82 Sold Listings
      • Total Sales: $2,066.56
      • Cost of Goods: $ 325.07
      • eBay Take Home for January: $1,263.85
      • Goals for February: Sell 100 items, Take home $1,750, List more each week!


  • Poshmark: Poshmark is an app that you list items via your smart phone. Its capabilities are limited but it is easy to list items. The app operates more like a social media site and the more followers you have, the more likely you are to have sales. Right now I am averaging about 1,000 followers per month. I follow people every day. They have things called “Posh Parties” that are themed. Share your items that match the category to the parties and then share all your other items to your followers during the parties. It seems like a lot of work but I share my items when I am doing mindless things like watching TV, laying in bed, taking a bath or using the restroom (ha you know you use your phone there too!)
    • Results:
      • 67 Sold Listings
      • Total Sales: $1,923.57
      • Cost of Goods: $402.45
      • Poshmark Take Home for January: $1,102.27
      • Goals for February: Consistent listing and sharing! Take home $1,500
      • Want to try Poshmark? Use my referral code: PNJCW and get $5 to spend on the app and try it out!


  • Amazon: Right now I am only selling my Amazon stuff through me. I do not do Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). I am working on getting more into this as I research it. There are several items in my living room that are getting ready to go as my first batch. I’ll keep you posted! The only items I sold on here are the books I found around our house.
    • Results:
      • Total Sales: $105.09
      • Cost of Goods – Stuff laying around our house!
      • Amazon Take Home for January: $69.14
      • Goals for February: Send 2 boxes off to FBA and see what happens. Keep listing books around our house. Investigate Retail Arbitrage to send to FBA.


  • Affiliates: I won’t go too much into this on this post because it’s going to need a lot more discussion and I will keep posting about it on the blog, so stay tuned! But, I am really trying to amp up my affiliate income in the next few months. Because I will be laid up for a few weeks and won’t be able to source, I’m going to need to rely on other income sources. This is going to be vital to hit my goals for this year. I used to do this a lot more a few years ago with other blogs I ran but I got away from it the last couple years. I’m ready to amp this baby up. This isn’t bad for 1 month and not even having my website up and running in January.
    • Results:
      • Total income: $87.68
      • Goals: Get my website live and start getting traffic to my site. Keep doing YouTube Videos and optimize this for advertisements.


  • Consulting: Boss Lady comes into play here where I still have consulting clients for social media, online marketing, customer service, reputation management etc. I took a step back this month to focus on the other items on this post and last month was better, but I’ll take what I can get. My clients are awesome!
    • Results:
      •  Billable hours for January: $517
      • Goals for February: Get up to $1,000 for January – Schedule some public speaking sessions for the spring and summer.


  • Personal Training: Many of you may know me from the days of Bexa Body Fitness or read my bio first before clicking on this link, but Fitness is on my passions. I only have a couple clients and one of them is down south for the winter so right now I have one amazing woman. Our sessions were limited this month due to her schedule, my schedule, being sick, vacation – yada, yada, yada.
    • Results:
      • Total Training Income: $400 – $80/Hour
      • Goals for February – Work with my client to train consistently. I will lose this income the end of March and most of April due to my surgery. Another reason to ramp up some of the other items above!


  • Instagram: Just within the last 3 days I started selling items on Instagram. It’s not a tremendous amount of money but it’s nice not to pay the fees on the other websites.
    • Results:
      • Total Income: $110
      • Goals for February – Just keep listing some cool items on Instagram!


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Goals for February:

  1. Take home income $4,500
  2. Add The Real Real, ThredUp and Amazon FBA to my repertoire
  3. Finish my taxes from 2016
  4. Increase my income on the items that I don’t need to trade time for money to support me when I’m down on medical leave – since self-employed people don’t get “paid time off”

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown. This is just the beginning. If you are just getting started or trying to learn tips and tricks, this is the place for you! Again, I want to show you that this is possible and be as transparent as possible. Too many of these “blogging gurus” are full of shit and blowing a false confidence up your booty. I’m real. I show you my tears and my triumphs!

To a prosperous 2017,

Rebecca – The Bexa Boss Lady

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  1. Hi
    I do the same thing as you. Lots of side hussles due to having many bad days due to my neck & back. Anyway, wondering how you choose what to list on Poshmark & what to list on ebay? I have everything on ebay but have a Poshmark account too. Just can’t decide what to put on which platform.

    1. I put pretty much everything on eBay with the exception of no brand cute items I find and I put trendy and more up to date styles on Poshmark.

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