My 5 Favorite Everyday Pink Lipstick Colors!

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When it comes to lipsticks, you love them or hate them. I personally love a great, quality lipstick. There were many years I was gluten-free because of a celiac disease misdiagnosis and I found myself searching for high quality, gluten-free lipsticks. From the first time I met Andrea of Red Apple Lipsticks at one of the large gluten-free expo’s, I knew I would be hooked. I probably have over 15 of their lipstick colors. Some they lovingly gave to me during the expo’s to try and write about on my old blog and others I paid full price for on their website.

I have dramatic lip colors and then I have everyday pink colors. In this video, I will show you the 5 I love to wear on a consistent basis. If you want to check out their website and get Free Shipping on orders over $50 – Click Here*


*I have received products from Red Apple Lipstick many years ago to try. It just confirmed my love of the brand and products. I’ve purchased many of my own items over the years, including their AMAZING new mascara. The links in this post are affiliate links. The products cost exactly the same if you go to their website directly or from my links. I receive a small commission for recommending their products. With that being said, I ONLY recommend brands and products that I used, have used and loved or can confirm are something I will purchase in the future. I was not given products nor was I paid to write this post or do this video. It was all on my own.*  

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