Resale Clothing Buying Guide – Will it Fit?

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My closet is a constant rotation of clothing in and out. I’ve never been one to hoard things and I truly enjoy a good purge. I’ve been buying, wearing and reselling my clothes way before it became cool with apps like Poshmark. Before I started selling on eBay, my main avenue was brick and mortar consignment shops or thrifting. There really is nothing quite like the rush of finding a luxury item for 5-10% of retail prices.

I started doing it primarily because my weight fluctuated a lot and I never wanted to pay $100 for jeans when I knew they might not fit in a month. The other reason is just the thrill of getting a good deal.

Since I’m selling on a much larger scale now than I used to, I’m getting many more questions about fit, sizing and measurements. It seems a few times a week I get questions like, “how tall are you?” “What’s your bra size?” or “Does this run small/big/loose/tight?”

The problem with these questions is unless you are exactly my body shape and size – they are completely irrelevant if the items will fit YOUR body.

How to Find Pre-Owned Clothing Online in Their Size

So, here are my best suggestions for anyone looking to try to find pre-owned clothing online in their size.

  1. Know what style name/number, brand, and size you are looking to buy. Especially jeans. Most of the time they are located on the labels or somewhere on the garment. Same thing with shoes – there is likely a stamp on the inside of your favorite shoe with a name you can search. You can’t totally rely on this though. You never know if someone shrunk the item in the laundry or had it altered (or the previous owner to them had it altered).
  2. If you aren’t looking for something specific and are just searching for “black skirts” or “bootcut jeans” then this guide is perfect for you.
  3. Before you search on the internet anymore – I want you to go into your own personal closet with a measuring tape. Pull out your favorite & best fitting skirts, pants, jeans, shirts, sweaters, and blazers. Now take the measurements of these items. This will give you the BEST idea of what your size is and if these clothes will fit you. It’s very important on sites like Poshmark who have a no return policy.
    • Jeans and Pants – Waist flat across the belt line – Rise is crotch seam to top of waist – Inseam is crotch to bottom hem – Ankle flat is just that
    • Skirts – Waist flat across the top – hips on the widest point – length down the side
    • Tops/Shirts/Sweaters/Jackets/Blazers – Shoulders are seam to seam – Sleeve length is shoulder seam to wrist – Pit to Pit is just that – Length can be measured either shoulder to bottom or back of the neck to the bottom
  4. Use your measurements to compare to online listings of items. I would keep them on my notes app in my smart phone. Also, if the size is right on the listing but doesn’t seem to match yours, don’t be afraid to ask how/where they measured the items.
  5. If you aren’t totally sure, order a little bit larger so you can have it taken in or shortened. Afterall, tailored clothes always look the best!
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you can’t tell how or where they measured, ask! If they don’t have measurements, ask!
  7. Pay attention to the materials tag and ask for the fabric if it’s not listed. If the jeans are 100% cotton, they won’t have much stretch but if they are blended with elastane or spandex, there will be some give in case they are a little tight.
  8. Inspect every single photo they have in the listing. I always look at the tags and any flaws mentioned in the photos. If they are missing something you want to see, ask! Sometimes I’ll forget to post the bottom of the shoes and I don’t mind going back and adding them in.
  9. Seach the item to see if you can find information from the designer website about the fit and sizing. Many times I’ve found more information on the brand’s website reviews about the product than anything else. Some of them are rated and people will put “runs small” or similar comments to know how it fits.
  10. If the item is truly not as described when you receive it – file for a return. On Poshmark, you have only 3 days from delivery and it depends on eBay by each seller.
  11. Make sure you wash or dry clean your items before wearing.
  12. And finally – if you are really unsure of getting the right size, or aren’t interested in reselling it if it doesn’t fit – it is probably best if you stick to stores with return policies. It will save you a lot of grief! Or you can stick with resale sites like The Real Real or Tradesy

Do you have any tips? Please post them below!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you have a fantastic buying experience from this point forward. I wish you nothing but clothes that make you feel healthy and happy!



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  1. I love this post! Great tips like measuring what’s in your closet – I’ve literally never thought of that. Duh!

    Anyway, I stumbled across one of your YouTube videos today and loved it! Totally resonates with me as I resell (veeery new and very part time) but I would love to be able to do it and stay home with my kids.

    Love seeing all the info in your income reports too! I’m so motivated! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    1. I’m so happy you commented and I could help you out. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ll have many more videos to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree with you that selling unwanted/ unloved things on eBay may be worthwhile, especially if you have one of a kind item that people would want. I noticed that some brands are more sought after than others.

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