Poshmark 101 Getting Started

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Eeek! I’m so excited – if you landed on this page it means you either already started Poshmark and are looking for some help or are interested in starting to sell on Poshmark and looking for more information. GOOD NEWS! This is the place for both of you.

I’m Making a Poshmark Series

I decided to do a Poshmark series to help those of you who have messaged me about getting started. I’ve been inundated with emails and comments regarding Poshmark so I bundled up the most frequently asked and made a tutorial video out of them. If you haven’t seen my previous post about making $10,000 on Poshmark, you can find it here and save to watch later.

If you are just now signing up for Poshmark, use my code PNJCW and we both get $5 to spend!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you are the first to be notified when I post more content regarding Poshmark!

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  1. Love your videos, so informative and entertaining. Enjoy your knowledge and personality. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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