Reseller Process from Data to Storage – Take a Peek!

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The response to me sharing my reselling tips and tricks with you has been so overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I wish you could come hang out with me for a day and see the inner workings of Bexa Boss Lady! But… Until then, you can at least get an inside peek into my process and how I manage everything from Data to Storage. Hopefully, I can help you get better organized or give you ideas for your own side business.

In this video, I’m giving you an inside look at my process for each item I select to resell. This inside peek shows you what I do with an item when I get home, how & what I document, my listing process and how I package and store my items!

Broken down step by step – I give you my tips and tricks for streamlining the process and how I keep the listing train moving each day!



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