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Poshmark 104: Pricing, Profits & Getting Paid

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Poshmark  is a great platform to earn extra cash while you’re in the comforts of your own home. I have already talked about the basic pricing guide in my last video and now we will be going deeper at Poshmark pricing. In this video, I talked about pricing my items and how offers and bundles work.

Here are some points I talked about:

  • How much less should you price an item from its retail price? Find out what Poshmark recommends!
  • How I deal with offers
  • How I price my bundles
  • What items should you price higher?
  • Should you price ALL vintage items higher?
  • Why you should cross-list
  • How I price items from consignment shops and thrift stores
  • A new feature of Poshmark: Dressing Room
  • What I do when a buyer lowballs my item
  • How & when do I get paid

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