Poshmark or eBay? Where Should You Start?

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Ready to purge your closet or your home? Not sure where to start?

Poshmark or eBay?

How Should You Resell Your Closet?

When I first started reselling my clothes, shoes, and purses years ago, my only options at the time were brick and mortar consignment shops, garage sales or eBay. To see all of these apps and websites popup 15 years later making it super easy to sell clothing from your own home, it seems incredible!

Right now I sell on numerous different reselling platforms. Yes, it’s super challenging at times to keep everything straight and I’ll write another post on that later. However, getting my items in front of as many eyes possible increases the likelihood for a sale. There are times an item sells on one site for a higher dollar amount than the others, why? Because people aren’t out researching and shopping like I typically am to get the best price. Or maybe they aren’t registered on these other sites. Whatever the reason, listing on different selling platforms allows an opportunity for the item to sell quicker and that’s the goal. Quick turning merchandise. So, where should you start?

In the video below, I break down the differences between getting started on eBay versus Poshmark. I really love doing this in video formats because I’m able to clearly give my thoughts without my fingers getting tired from typing! I have many, many more videos over on my YouTube channel. Check it out and subscribe to get notified when I post more content!

If you are just getting started, I DO NOT recommend cross-listing your items all over the place. It will hurt your ratings if you keep canceling orders and it ends up negatively impacting your ability to make money moving forward. Especially on eBay!, I lost my top-rated status there because I canceled a few orders during my surgery because they sold on other sites and I forgot to remove the cross-listing.

Oh and just a couple more things…

Once we get to know each other better, you will learn I’m obsessed with “working the system” to use points and coupon codes to save even more money!

Here are a few bonus tips I didn’t cover in my video:

  1. Sign up for Ebates – Then anything you buy on eBay that’s covered under the promotional cash back is money in your pocket. For instance, they often have 2-3% cash back on certain eBay items at any given time. I also use Ebates for pretty much any purchase I make for my business. Every quarter I get a couple hundred bucks to add to my stash or treat myself! They even have an extension you can add to Chrome and it will show you automatically if the site you are on has an Ebate!  Click here to use my referral link and get started!
  2. Sign up for Ibotta – As of September 2017, Poshmark is on the Ibotta app for 5% back on your purchase if you launch Poshmark from the Ibotta App. If you use my referral link – you get $5 to spend!
  3. I am not a storage unit. Repeat after me, you are not a storage unit. You will not unnecessarily turn down offers over $2-$3 out of pride! Take the money and run!
  4. Sign up for Poshmark using the code BOSSLADYRESALE and get $5 to spend with my invite code!

Alright – what are you waiting for? Check out the video below to ignite your side hustle and start cleaning out your closet today!



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