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How to Identify Fake Rothy’s Shoes

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I decided to stop selling on ThredUp due to their extremely low payouts, but I do occasionally enjoy finding a good deal shopping on their website. The other day I found a pair of excellent condition Rothy’s for a great price that I could resell on Poshmark. For some reason, ThredUp was marking them as a W (wide) width shoe when that is not the case with these particular shoes, so they weren’t selling. Little did I know it was probably because they were fake Rothy’s!

After getting them and checking them over, I listed them on Poshmark. Only a few minutes after the listing went live a friendly Posher commented that they were not authentic. To my horror and dismay, I took them down immediately and did some investigation about how she knew they were in fact fake Rothy’s.

I’ve previously done some content about selling on ThredUp and you can find it here.

Disclosure: I take pride in only recommending items I personally use now or have used and trust. Some of these links are affiliate links. I may be compensated by the merchant if the item is purchased through these below however there is no cost difference to you the consumer. You are not obligated to click on any link or buy any products I have on this list. But if you do, thank you in advance and I appreciate the support as I continue to help others grow their side hustle businesses! For more information see my Disclosure Page

Fake Rothy's
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Fake Rothy’s Sold by ThredUp

Here is what I found out:

  1. Rothy’s shoes have a textured label similar to a piece of fabric and are shiny. It is not just a sticker that can easily peel off the shoe like in my video below.
  2. The logo circle needs a clear gap between Rothy’s inner logo and the outer circle. You can see on the photo below that the top right of the logo is touching the outside circle.
  3. There shouldn’t be the glue in the seams of the shoes like in the video below, nor should the stitching be loose.
  4. Rothy’s are made in China – not the USA.
Fake Rothy's Stitching
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Fake Rothy’s Stitching

So, What should you do if you end up purchasing inauthentic items?

  • Contact the company you purchased the item from. Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp etc. Reach out to their customer service immediately. Don’t wait.
  • Don’t use untraceable methods of payment for items like CashApp, PayPal Friends & Family, Zelle, Venmo Etc. You are protected as a consumer by your credit cards.
  • If the company or business is unresponsive or unwilling to work with you, contact your credit card or bank. File a complaint and a chargeback with them that you were sold counterfeit merchandise.
  • Use a company like RealAuthentication to verify the item is indeed fake for proof in case there is any question from the bank.

You can also consider buying more comfortable and affordable options! You don’t have to resort to fake Rothy’s! If you are looking for the same style, here are numerous stretch knit, washable styles for under $100!

Fake Rothy’s Alternatives for Under $100

In the video below, I show you several of the pairs above that I do own currently and I can’t wait to get the blue cheetah Sketchers to rock all summer long!

Have you had any issues with ThredUp selling you inauthentic items? I’d love to know. Please comment on your experiences with them below.

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