A few days ago my husband asked me for some birthday ideas since it is coming up in a few weeks. I’m one of those unfortunate people who have a birthday right around Christmas so my gifts are either broken up into 2 or I get one big gift for both. If you are a fellow Capricorn and can feel my pain on this – I think I found some great Boss Lady gift ideas that are both cute AND affordable!

Is it bad if I buy myself half of these items before the end of the year? I might need to do another gift list for myself!

Just a heads up this post includes affiliate links. This means I am compensated a small amount at no extra cost to you. Your support means the world to me but there is no obligation to purchase any of these products using the links. 

  1. Boss Lady Gold Mug from Sweet Water Decor: One of my top gifts for this year. It is an eye catcher and hopefully something your Boss or the Boss Lady in your life will enjoy sipping from each morning! They also have a matching travel mug and some other adorable items that would make great gifts for any occasion.

2. Red Apple Lipstick: Literally anything from their website would make an amazing gift. The pigment is strong and the lip products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free and seriously perfect. My problem is owning too many and not being able to take them all with me when I travel! If you want to see what they look like on a real person, just head over to my YouTube channel and watch some videos, I’m wearing Red Apple Lipsticks in about 90% of my videos. The color below is ‘Bella Rina‘ and probably my new go-to lipstick shade for the holidays. It’s the most flattering shade of pink to look stunning on any skin tone.


3. RealHer Cosmetics: I became a bit obsessed with this company after I bought a lip kit from a seller on Poshmark to get a bundle price for a few items I really wanted in her closet. Each of their products has a body positive phrase on it and I just thought that idea was so great! I’m a sucker for a great pink product, so I selected the I AM AWESOME pink lip gloss for this guide.

4. Spanx: Okay, I’ll be the first to admit you probably don’t want to get your actual boss a pair of Spanx to open at the company holiday party. BUT – if you have a Boss Lady in your life, I’m confident a Spanx gift card is a great option. The Spanx brand expanded now into Athletic Leggings which landed on Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year and are getting some serious street cred in the fitness world. I even just saw they introduced Arm Sleeves! This is one company that has no problem with innovation! No wonder their founder is the 1st self-made billionaire.

5. Stella & Dot City Slim Clutch: One of the things I always hated when I worked in an office was dragging my big purse to events after work. Networking events or parties are a drag when you have a 10-pound purse on your shoulder, literally weighing you down. I’m hoping my BFF see’s this on my list and this little & versatile clutch is under the tree at her house for me! Classic black and functional, it’s a great stand-alone clutch or can be thrown into that big bag as a large wallet!

6. Too Faced Boss Beauty Lady Agenda: When you are a Boss, it’s hard enough to handle everything in the day – which means having everything in one place at one time is extremely convenient. What it is: A limited-edition makeup collection for eyes, lips, and face with an exclusive year-round beauty agenda

What it does: For the first time in Too Faced history, they’ve not only created an amazing collection of beautiful shades for the eyes, face, and lips, but also a limited-edition year-round beauty agenda so you can try new looks in the most beautiful way all year long.

7. Rose Gold Pens: Maybe it’s because I’m an old millennial. Maybe it’s because I love pink. But, I will be the first to admit I am obsessed with Rose Gold. I think I do a “Rose Gold Office Supplies” search on Amazon a few times a month just to see if there is anything new. (I know, I know. I need a hobby) I purchased some similar pens at a fancy paper store and they broke within 2 weeks. I ordered these the other day and can’t wait to try them out! They have pretty good Amazon reviews so I’m optimistic I’ll be able to write in my Day Planner and Goal Book for months to come with these beauties!

8. NNEE Computer Traveling Bag: Between the great price and all the positive reviews, I think the only decision I’ll need to make with this bag is what color to buy. I’m just one of those people who enjoys a really great tote. Weird, Right? I can never seem to find the perfect travel bag for all my stuff AND my computer. Either it’s too big and bulky, the straps hurt my shoulder or it doesn’t fit all my stuff. I need a bag that will fit my work items along with all the prescription medications I carry with me for my chronic illnesses. This one looks pretty roomy and for only $35, I’m definitely willing to give it a try!


9. The Simple Elephant Agenda & Planner: I’m on the hunt for a new type of planner for 2018. My plans for Bexa Boss Lady and Boss Lady Resale are pretty big and I really need a new system to keep all my crazy thoughts in one place! For some reason, I can’t get into cloud type systems for planning. Writing is therapeutic and I remember things much better after I put them on paper. I want to doodle. I want to brainstorm. I need to have that paper under my hand.

“Focus. Alignment. Accountability.

These are the pillars of The Simple Elephant planner. Designed to be simple & uncluttered – you’ll get crystal clear on what you want. The aftermath will be relentless focus and motivation to go after those goals.

Exclusive weekly accountability sections will act as your personal success GPS – if it’s working keep it up, if it’s not, change it up! You’ll be there before you know it.”

10. Amazon Prime Membership: I wish I were kidding when I say this is the only thing I ever needed in life. I order almost everything from Amazon. The best is when I run out of supplies and I can have them to my house within 24 hours or less. We have Alexa in our house, we use Amazon Prime Now, my husband listens to Audible. We are the classic Amazon Junkie. But – I LOVE saving money. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

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