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8 Essential Photos for Poshmark & Ebay Listings

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8 Essential Photos for Poshmark & Ebay Listings

If you’re in the reselling business, by now you should already know that photography plays a huge part in being a successful reseller. You can have a good item for sale but with terrible pictures, no one will even bother to click on it. It can sometimes make or break a sale or even your business. Ever heard of those “item not as described” issues? How you take and what photos you take to reduce the possibility of return. In this video, I give you 8 photos you should ALWAYS take when list clothing for resale.

Don’t underestimate photos

Photos are extremely underestimated when it comes to reselling on Poshmark. I see so many photos with terrible wrinkles, horrible lighting, and in less desirable home conditions. If you are a smoker, I’d leave the dirty ashtray out of the resale photos!!

Not only are there different views of the items you should always be included, but how to take the photos is equally important. I say this also with noting you do not need a professional photo studio to get quality images.

Here are the 8 photos you should take when listing an item:

  • Label
  • Size tag
  • Fabric content
  • Full front/Fullback
  • Style
  • Closure – buttons, zippers, velcros, hooks
  • Lining
  • Flaws

So, all those that I mentioned, I take them on all of my listings. They’re part of my process. That way, it prevents a lot of returns because I have proof that I showed exactly what the item is.

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