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December 2017 Reselling Income Report

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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we just said goodbye to 2017 and saying hello to 2018 already! Can you believe it?

It’s been a crazy couple of months and I didn’t get to film a November income report but we can always skip ahead to this month.

This December, I only sourced three times, which is not usual for me. Usually, I source about 5-6 times a month. I also listed a lot less, I shared a lot less. My overall activity in my reselling business was significantly less than it normally is. So, these numbers are lower than what I would hope them to be but they are realistic based on the amount of work I put in since I mentioned it was a crazy December for me.

135 items sold listings in December

Total sales of $4,079.38

Total profit of $2,140

So, here are the results I had for December with my online reselling:

  • Poshmark – 49 Sold items for $16 each
  • Ebay – 83 Sold items for $15.81
  • Mercari – 2
  • Etsy – 1

I did an interview with Mark Tew of Not Your Dad CPA to discuss everything about reselling and taxes. Click here to watch!

I share my income reports with you so you can see how much you can make part-time as a reseller. If I can do it with a chronic illness, you can do it too! The barrier to entry is very small and you should test the waters with your own items first.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! I made a Reselling Tool Kit to get you started with everything you need to start you reselling business, just click here!


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