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How I Made Over $7,000 This Year Selling My Stuff Online!

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Hey Everyone!

I really enjoy sharing my journey with all of you, even my numbers when it comes to reselling because it is important for me to show the real truth about having a side hustle. As many of you know, I suffer from ongoing chronic health issues which makes it very difficult for me to work full time. I needed to pivot and make a career for myself instead of relying on someone else for a paycheck.

This past year has been filled with atrocious out-of-pocket medical expenses that I needed to cover somehow and that’s when I turned my passion and hobby of reselling into an income source. I realized our home is filled with stuff we don’t use anymore and is just cash sitting in a drawer. December 2016 started a new journey for me trying to pay for $15,000+ in medical expenses along with recovering from a major surgery.

Since I started, my little part-time side hustle has grown into a true business and is growing every month. But… it all started by simply going through every room, every closet and every cupboard searching for inventory! It’s crazy to think in less than a year, I’ve made $7,000+ just by selling items from our apartment.

What would you do with an extra $500-$1,000/month?

I know you probably have stuff sitting around that is collecting dust! What’s stopping you from getting started? If you need help, I have lots of videos on YouTube to guide you along the way.

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