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How to List 100 Items on Poshmark & Ebay Weekly

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The thrill of reselling is truly finding that diamond in the rough at the thrift store that you know you will be able to flip for a great profit.

What Challenges Do Resellers Face?

The problem with this is you usually have to go through a lot of items in your own reselling stores to understand what those quick flips will be for you. Resellers then end up buying lots of inventory to list, most likely more than they are able to list in a day or two and it ends up creating a death pile.

Death piles are bags, boxes, mounds, piles, baskets and more of unlisted inventory. Often found when resellers don’t have a great system for processing their inventory or buy more than they realistically can list.

I’m not immune to death piles. Sometimes the thrifting is just so good that I end up buying more than I can handle. But, my brain won’t allow me to have those piles for too long and I end up going full force listing mode to get them out of bags and onto the internet.

Lately, I did an experiment with listing faster.

How could I get more done in less time?

  1. I divided up my inventory in smaller more realistic piles. My photography area is in a small spare bedroom so I only took one basket of inventory in there at a time. Seeing the basket empty at the end of a photo session made me feel like I accomplished something. I finally got through 1 full basket of inventory to list. Then I moved on to a second one, and a third…
  2. I broke it down into chunking. I did a bunch of tasks and then took a break but they were all similar. So, I took pictures of 15-20 items, listed them and then took a much-needed break. This helped my back and prevented me from burning out by trying to get everything done in one sitting.
  3. I started taking photos of measurements on the items instead of writing them down, only to lose the paper when I went to finally list the items. This process also helps with returns because there is clear proof of the measurements right in the photos.
  4. I worked consistently every day. By building my day into a routine with a schedule, I was able to get more done than normal!
  5. I refined my listing process to be able to go faster. I take the same photos of all my items, this way I don’t have to think about what I should photograph anymore. I know exactly what I am going to put in my listing descriptions and how I will quickly edit the photos on my computer. And, I figured out that for me listing on my computer is much faster than trying to get it all done on my phone.

I go into more about how I was able to get so much done in 2 weeks in my most recent YouTube video. I’ve really been slacking on making YouTube videos lately because I’m creating weekly content for my Patreon group! You can join for only $10/month and have access to all my previous, current and upcoming videos.

Do you have any tips for how to get more done in less time? Please comment below – I would love to hear your ideas!

Until next time,
Bexa Boss Lady

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