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How to Write the PERFECT Poshmark Title!

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In this video, I talked about Poshmark titles specifically but you can also use these title tips on other reselling sites. I think it’s imperative to catch your audience at within the first glance to help them find exactly what they are looking for while browsing online. Being clear and concise in your titles will help tremendously. For the full Poshmark title tutorial, check out my YouTube video below!

Poshmark Tips and Tricks for Reselling

  • A good title has the brand, type of an item, size, color if there are enough characters left. I am under the school thought that you fill as many of those spaces as you can.
  • SPELL CHECK!  I have seen so many brand names spelled wrong!
  • Make sure to put the brand’s full name in the title.
  • Avoid words like cute, look here, adorable, any of those descriptive words that have nothing to do with the actual item.
  • Don’t put weird icons, punctuations,  no fun words.
  • So again, brand, type, size, and color. That simple!

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  1. You are my new mentor, even though you aren’t aware yet! Lol! You are doing exactly what I am starting. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for about a year but have only made about $2000 total so as of yesterday I have decided to start a blog, YouTube and multiple platforms in order to for fill my dream being able to work for myself from my home. You are inspiration! The reason for my comment of coarse tell you those things and also ask what’s your Poshmark name is so that I may follow you there as well? Mine is @Katriels_Korner

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