Reseller Inventory Boxes For Sale

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Focusing on my health

I decided in 2018 I was going to spend time focusing on my health. Making a better decision about eating and managing my chronic illnesses. A sad realization from this is that the listing, taking photos, storing and shipping added a tremendous amount of pressure and stress to me contraindicating my plan. So in April, I started selling my own inventory and just kept my shoes for sale. This way I could still run my side business but focus on my health and work on a few other projects – like this blog and my YouTube channel.

My inventory sold like hotcakes. I think it was gone in 2-3 days. I received messages from people asking if I would get more boxes to sell because they find it difficult to go sourcing. They have the complete opposite challenge – they can take photos and list at their own pace but it was extremely hard for them to go and find quality sourcing item.

I went out thrifting for shoes a few times and started thinking about how I can solve this problem!

The Creation of Reseller Inventory Boxes

That’s how these reseller inventory boxes were created! I can help myself and help others at the same time. For me, the shopping part gets me out of the house and I get to exercise a few times a week by shopping. Shopping really has become my cardio. Honestly, I was a little shocked to see my iWatch showed me burning almost 800 calories from sourcing!!

The reseller inventory boxes were tested through my Instagram community and people gave me great feedback. I’ve had over 50 boxes sold with numerous repeat buyers. I really can’t tell you how much I love doing this boxes.

Yes, I could keep all these amazing items and sell them in my own stores and make way more money but I am choosing health over wealth at this time and you are benefiting by helping me get out of the house and making you money!

Are you interested in reselling products online for profit?

To learn more about the boxes you can find them on my SHOP page. You will also be able to get on the inventory list there if you decide not to buy today. I send out the first reseller inventory box list to the email subscribers and then open it up to the Instagram, Facebook and YouTube followers.

The video below is a live video of me showing some of the items I will be putting in this week’s boxes.

You can also subscribe to my reseller inventory box email list here! 

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  1. I love watching your you tube videos. I’ve learned a lot watching them. You are very inspirational! I hope you are doing well and that you continue doing your videos. Thanks so much for all your hard work and great advice!

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