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February 2018 Poshmark & eBay Reseller Income Report

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February 2018 Poshmark & eBay Reseller Income Report

I know it’s a little late but here is my income report for February 2018. Remember I sell part time due to my chronic illness but my business is easily scaled if you wanted to work more than 20 hours per week.

February was a really good month in the sense that I was dedicated, I was listing consistently, I sourced, and I was able to bring back really good high-priced items from Ohio during our trip home. I still do this part-time but if I were to scale my business and work more, I could probably triple or quadruple what I’m doing right now. However, since I struggle with chronic health issues, it is difficult for me to do all those things more.

Nonetheless, I’m really happy with the results of how much I’m working and how much I’m actually earning. So, let’s get to it!

124 items sold listings in February

Total sales: $4,458.70

Total profit: $2,321.91

Cost per item: $7.25

Profit per item: $18.73Highest it’s been since I started!

Average sale amount $25.98

  • Poshmark – 47
  • Mercari – 1
  • eBay – 76

Last February 2017, I had a total sales of $5481.65 – I was working a lot harder and listing more because we needed to pay around $1,200 or $1,500 for my surgery.

My thorns:

  • Less than what I made last year
  • Having a lot less Poshmark sales

The roses:

  • Only lost on one item only
  • My average price is going up!
  • I sold pretty decently on shoes and it helped me with my overall sales

Poshmark Goals Moving Forward

My goals moving forward, I’m slowly adjusting my sales a little bit on my reselling business. I have a lot of inventory and I just want to sell them! Reason for that is, I’m starting a to branch into more patient advocacy roles here in the Washington DC area and I want to spend more time meeting people and going to events where I know I can help enhance other people’s lives who are living with chronic illnesses like me.

So right now, my goal is to stay steady with my reselling. I’m still going to source a couple times a month and I’m still going to list consistently on eBay. That way, I still have money coming in.

I’m so glad that you guys enjoy my videos and I’m happy I’m able to help you with your journey whatever purpose it may have. If you have any ideas for content, please, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below!

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