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How I Made $800 on Poshmark in One Week

Poshmark Sellers Making $800 Per Week
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How I Made $800 on Poshmark in One Week

Do you ever wonder how the “bigger” Poshmark sellers are making over $1,000 week and you are barely making weekly sales? There isn’t a magic formula for what sells on Poshmark – but there are certain brands and items that sell better than others.

Some of the women making six-figures a year selling on Poshmark have cracked the code of supply and demand to create an awesome business for themselves.

In this video, I talked about the brands that I sold on Poshmark and about its new Price Drop Feature!

Everyone in the Poshmark community is talking about this. Honestly, I was upset at first I didn’t get to try it out in the first few days of implementation while I’m a Poshmark Ambassador. But all in all, it is indeed a good service so let’s discuss it even more!

First off, here are the brands that are doing very well in my Poshmark closet as of February 2018:  

  • Cole Haan
  • The North Face
  • Lululemon
  • Madewell
  • Allen Edmonds
  • Sebago
  • Lolly Wolly
  • Calvin Klein
  • Harvé Bernard
  • Chico’s
  • Gwen Stefani shoes
  • Crew
  • Lucky Brand jeans

Total sales: $1099

Total Profit: $599.13

What is the Price Drop feature on Poshmark?

Basically, the Poshmark Price Drop tool automatically allows you to lower your price by 10% or more and offer a discounted or free shipping option to your buyers.  Once you choose the discount,  you offer it to anyone who Likes your items.

Drop your prices in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select a listing and tap on it
  2. Tap on the Price Drop Tool icon to the right of Listing Price.
  3. Tap Apply Price Drop.

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This is what it shows when you’re done with setting it up.

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Glad I could help you with this new Poshmark feature. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

I also made a Reselling Tool Kit to get you started with everything you need to start you reselling business, just click here!

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