2017 September Reselling Income Report

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It’s finally time someone opens the doors to an honest conversation about reselling income.

When I first started documenting my reselling income reports, I really wanted to be able to give a true perspective on how much a part-time person can and does make thrifting. You see so much on social media of people sharing their numbers or the huge amount of packages going out in the mail and think those sellers are probably super successful. Most of the time they are just the bragging posts and really are not indicative of how those people are actually doing when it comes to reselling.

In my videos, I like to break down the following:

  • how many items I sold
  • my total sales figure my profit on those sales
  • my biggest loss and profit for the month
  • lessons I learned and goals for the future

I figure I spend about 20-25 hours per week on this side hustle. I slowed down my sourcing days and am buying smarter which had a huge impact on my numbers for September. The key to all of this is to find your own niché and see what works for you. My 15 years of experience is very different. I’ve learned, lost and won many times over – so if you are just getting started, just know it takes time.

I really would like to make more videos that help you get started and make money with side hustles. Comment on the YouTube Video, subscribe to my YouTube Channel or comment below with any video requests. It helps me point the direction of my content!

If you need help on getting started and if you should being with Poshmark or eBay – I’ll give you all the information you need in this blog post.  Or if you want to find out more on how I paid over $10,000 in medical bills with Poshmark profits – Click Here.



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