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$30,000 Earned on Poshmark & My #1 Tip for Posh Selling Success

$30,000 Earned on Poshmark
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$30,000 Earned on Poshmark & My #1 Tip for Posh Selling Success

I started selling on Poshmark in July, 2015 when I first found out my kidney was failing and I needed extra money for medical bills. I wasn’t sure at that time if I could continue to work due to all my doctor appointments and medical tests and I ventured out into the world of consulting. I branched out into small business consulting especially for social media to help other business owners grow their online presence and manage their online reputations. I tried so hard to make social media consulting work but getting clients proved to be too stressful while I was trying to find answers and getting ready for a big surgery. Not to mention I had a nightmare of a client who refused to pay me $1,500 because I couldn’t keep up with his work due to my kidney surgery. I didn’t need anymore stress in my life so I pulled the cord on that little business.

I knew I had to do something to earn money and that’s when I became more serious about reselling online. It was always a passion of mine but I found it both a relief and a challenge to see if I could make consistent money reselling. I can honestly say I am so glad I found Poshmark because it truly allows me to manage my health, work at my own pace and still make money on the side. Poshmark is not my full time job nor do I want it to be – but it is a part of my monthly revenue streams which equal approximately the same, if not more than I was earning at my full-time job. But, it is fun to interact with other buyers on the app and social media along with get great deals for myself!

Making Poshmark A Side Revenue Stream

The best part is I love what I do even though it feels like the work never ends. Reselling is hard work. But, I’ve been able to streamline my processes and really get into a routine when it comes to sourcing, listing and shipping. I share my journey with you to give a transparent and honest account of what it takes to resell online, how to get started and then how to keep going and make your business more successful month after month.

Check out my video below to see what brands sell and for how much, my highest priced sales and my #1 tip for selling more on Poshmark.

If you are new to Poshmark or want to give it a try – just use my code BOSSLADYRESALE and you get $5 and I get $5!

Win, Win!

I also have a Reseller Toolkit with every single item I use to clean, prep, photograph and ship my items.

Wishing you more profits on Poshmark and FREEDOM!


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  1. Hi Becca. Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your content (Ebay and Poshmark) on YouTube and now on your blog. I’ve been selling on Ebay for a very long time (mainly as a hobby to bring in a little extra money). I’m thinking about selling on Poshmark since I’ve had good success on Ebay. Thank you for all your great content! I know you have ongoing health issues and that you deal with these issues on a daily basis. From listening to you, I know you realize this is the new you. I wish you much, much success in your businesses.

  2. I’ve done pretty well on Poshmark. The only thing is you have share so much to have people view your closet. I use an extension called Power Poshmark that automates it and makes it more bearable.

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