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5 Overlooked Thrift Store Areas

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We’ve all heard of the saying “you’ll never know what you’re gonna find” and this is the best quote to describe thrift shopping.  There are so many reasons as to why every reseller should go to a thrift store and often we get into habits while sourcing and sometimes forget to look other places while thrifting. I’ll give you the 5 areas I think are most overlooked when sourcing to sell on Poshmark or eBay!

Here are 5 places that you should always check being leaving the thrift store:

  1. Handbags – All of the bags hanging on the bag wall aren’t junk. You can find treasured leather bags and even some designers ones wedged in between the Walmart purses. Just do a little and digging to find your gold here.
  2. Men’s shoes – Get familiar with men’s shoes; thrifts usually have excellent work shoes such as leather oxfords, loafers, etc. They’re very expensive retail and most of the time just sitting on the shelves gathering dust. Take some time one day to research the different brands at retail price or search sold listings on Poshmark and Ebay to look for the money.
  3. Linens – Don’t pass up on the linens. Brands like Pottery Barn sell well second hand if they are in good condition. Again, it might take some research on previously sold items and time to learn the brands but if you are tired of clothing and shoes, this is a great way to take a break.
  4. Men’s jeans (small sizes) – This is where the kind of ambiguous women’s sizes end up. Normally they are great brands that have been marked down because the thrift stores believe they are men’s jeans. I’ve found 7 For All Mankind DOJO jeans in the men’s section for $4 and flipped them for $65!
  5. Kids Toys – Don’t underestimate this one! There’s definitely money in those toy bins! I’m not a toy or plush person but I do know many people who make a nice side hustle on things like video games, board games, dolls and plush animals.

 Bonus: Girl’s older sizes: Ivivva is Lululemon’s For Kids section and they sell really really well and really quick and you can find it in there.

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  1. I hope that this comment helps you realize that by taking quality items from the thrift shop and reselling them, you are taking away an opportunity for someone in need to have a nice item. People don’t just shop at the thrift shops for a good time, some actually need to save money on items like clothing, accessories and home goods. Going in there and excitedly snapping up designer items to resell just ensures that people of low income will not be able to receive them. I donate to thrift shops to aid those in need, not give people like you some fluff side job and even more disposable income. I do genuinely hope that you and others like you feel ashamed when reading this.

    1. I think you need to do more research on your “donations.” I spend tens of thousands of dollars in thrift stores and ALL of that money goes to programs and resources for those in need. In fact, Goodwill uses the money from their thrift stores directly for programs like job training, placement services, and classes for people who have disabilities or are otherwise challenged in finding traditional employment. So in essence, your donations allow them to make money and provide all of these programs. And for as it being a “Fluff” job, if you actually read my story you would understand that I suffer from Chronic Illnesses making it almost impossible to have a regular full-time job. I use this income to help support my family. Thank you for your comment.

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