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October 2017 Reselling Income Report

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Can you really make enough money on Poshmark and Ebay to quit your full-time job or pay down debt? In this video, I’ll share with you my real reselling income so you can get an idea of how much I work and how much that ends up earning me each month.

This past month was filled with life events for us and October didn’t really end up anywhere close to where I wanted to be with my reselling business.

Reselling is the most flexible business you can do but it’s also pretty challenging to keep up your sales and inventory. Especially, if you aren’t consistent about shopping and listing.

November probably won’t be much better for me since we are getting ready to move to a bigger home, finishing up the sale of our house out of state, traveling for the holidays and more! But, I am determined to keep it consistent and work throughout the month to keep the sales coming in.

I don’t think I’ll source as much as I usually do – if at all – but I have enough stuff in our personal closets to fill my Poshmark and eBay stores! Don’t forget if you are new to Poshmark and use my code BOSSLADYRESALE we both get money to spend!

It’s at this moment I am really happy I’ve been using Ebates for my business and I have a couple hundred dollars coming back to me for presents.

If you are thinking about selling on Ebay or Poshmark, I created a handy Reseller Toolkit which is a complete guide of everything I use for my reselling business. It’s helped thousands of people already so check it out!

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