How to Get 10,000 Instagram Followers in 6-Months

When I started my new Instagram account @BossLadyResale I really didn’t know what to expect. It was just something I thought would be fun to connect with other people and enjoy finding other people who like to resell online. Who would have thought 6-months later I’d hit 10,000 followers?

Build Your Social Media Community with Authenticity and Transparency

One of the MOST important things to build a true community through social media is authenticity and transparency. I enjoy sharing both the trials and the triumphs of life living with a chronic illness and trying to make my side hustles work for our family. Check out my tips in this video and let me know how you grew your audience (without buying followers)!

I am super excited I did start my new account because I’ve met the most amazing people and learned a ton about reselling in the meantime. Connecting with similar people online is so fun and being able to create a virtual coworking space is even better!

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